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Pull-Only Brake Controls

Pull-only brake controls, control cable assemblies from Cablecraft Motion Controls.A flexible control designed to transmit pull motion between two mechanical devices without the use of rods, bellcranks, or other rigid mechanical linkage. Pull controls are specifically designed for applications which require a high load capability and low deflection. The cable often used for operating a vehicle parking brake is a typical example. Simple to install and easy to maintain, our versatile pull controls are found on many types of mechanical equipment.



Control cable assemblies applications from Cablecraft Motion Controls.Applications:

  • Park brakes
  • Pull-pull cable systems


  • High load capacity 1500 - allows up to 1500 lb loads
  • Low deflection 3000 - allows up to 3000 lb loads
  • Installed bend radius down to 5"

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  • Hand Control Brake
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  • Carbon Steel and Plastic

Suggested End Fittings:

  • All 1500-3000 lb Brake Cable Fittings
  • Rod Ends
  • Clevises