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Leverstak - High Lever

Leverstak high lever hand controls.The Leverstak hand control is designed to extensively cover the agricultural equipment market. One of its major uses today is in the operating of tractor automatic pick-up hitch systems. Any number of operators may be secured together by studs which may also be used to mount the control onto the machine. These studs are normally supplied with banked operator sets. An alternative means of mounting can be done by using the two holes in the
base of the operator and securing with 1/4" diameter bolts.

The lever moves through an angle of 120° which produces a maximum of 45mm cable travel. The operating handle can be supplied cranked to a specific position if required. A spring return-to-center version can be supplied. Also available is a detent version which can be supplied to hold the lever in a predetermined position. These variations are available on special order only. Please ask for further details.


Applications for Cablecraft Motion Controls hand control assemblies.


  • High Lever
  • Automatic pick-up hitch release control cable operation
  • Power take off engagement - disengagement
  • Agricultural equipment


  • High lever to cable
  • Movement ratios
  • 120° angle produces 45mm travel


  • Zinc Based Die-Cast Body
  • Plated Steel Internal Components