Aerospace & Defense

We supply control systems to the most familiar names in the Aerospace and Defense industries. The effectiveness and dependability of our control cables comes from years of research and development, and field experience. Our engineers like to be involved in the design or your control system application early in the development process to ensure efficient integration. We can help custom design a system to fit your needs for a variety of applications.

Aircraft Cables Air Conditioning Control • Arresting Gear • Bleed Air • Cargo Hook Release • Emergency Elevator Control • Emergency Vent • Engine Cowl Control • Escape Slide Actuation • Fire Suppression • Flap Control • Freefall Landing Gear • Fuel Shutoff • Gust Lock • Heat Control • Landing Gear Interlock • Mechanical Starter • Mixture Control • Nose Gear Lock Down Indicator • Parking Brake • Potable Water Control • Propellor/Pitch Control • Rudder Trim • Service Brake • Slat Skew Detection • Steering • Tail Cone Release • Throttle • Vent Air Control • Waste Drain Control • Window Latch