Coronavirus Guidelines

Our primary concern is for the safety of our customers, suppliers and employees.

Cablecraft has instituted a multitude of policies along with processes, including layered contingencies, to ensure that we continue to deliver products to our customers while limiting the incidence of person-to-person contact.

Listed below is a summary of actions we are taking:
I. As of today, there are no significant supply chain issues. Our Operations and Supply Chain Departments are closely monitoring the situation, building inventory as needed.
II. Cablecraft has instituted visitor screening and employee policies.
• These policies have been flowed down to our outsourcing partners.
III. A multidiscipline (Operations, Sales/Customer Service, Supply Chain, HR, Finance) employee contingency matrix was developed to limit any interruptions due to illness caused by COVID-19.
IV. Supplier visits have been curtailed until further notice.
V. Travel has been suspended for ALL our Employees.

Cablecraft, a Madison Industries Company, is proud of all the efforts our parent is doing to support the COVID-19 efforts. Several Madison Industries companies (Porex, Purafil, FG and the Filtration Group) are supplying needed products to Medical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), Testing Laboratories and Hospitals.

We will provide updates, as things change, to ensure our customers, employees and suppliers are informed.

Our mission is to make the world healthier, safer and more productive.