Control Cables

Today’s Cablecraft® control cables and heads have evolved from over 50 years’ experience in meeting a wide variety of industrial, marine and aircraft applications. Combining careful selection of materials with optimized fabrication methods, Cablecraft Motion Controls provides users with the most versatile, highest quality control cables available. Cablecraft cables are the most flexible in the industry and offer superior protection from contaminants and damage.
Cablecraft Control Cables

Pull-Only Brake, Pull-Only Clutch, Pull-Only Tension, Pull-Only T-Flex, Push-Pull 4B, Push-Pull Standard, Push-Pull Blue Max

Cablecraft hand control assemblies

Brake Lever, Leverstak High Lever, Light Duty Lever, Unidrum Lever, Custom Hand Controls

Cablecraft Control Assemblies

Mechanical, Electronic, and Hydraulic, Heavy Duty Throttle Pedal, Medium Duty Throttle Pedal

Cablecraft Manual Transmission Shifter MTS

Horizontal Gear Shifter 923 Series, Horizontal Gear Shifter 925 Series, Manual Transmission Shifter Cab Unit, and Vertical Gear Shifter 918 Series

Cablecraft control cables

Control cable assemblies are available in a wide range of sizes and materials