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Cablecraft Linkage Rod End

Linkage Distribution Network


Cablecraft’s authorized linkage distributors are your supplier for high quality, fast delivery linkage solutions. Offering a full variety of rod ends, ball joints, and other linkage products, they can meet your needs. Whether your application requires an economical low-profile ball joint, advanced injection molded raceway rod end for smoother and longer life cycles or many other variants in between our distributors can help. They stock inventory levels for the smallest of projects to the largest of ones. Always allowing you to get your solution needs in a timely manner.

Click here for our Cablecraft Distributor Locations to find the one nearest you.

Cablecraft Control Cable

Cable Assembler Network


Our Worldwide Cable Assembler Network can help you with your mechanical motion control solutions. Using stocked inventory of original Cablecraft factory components, our Assemblers assemble high quality custom made cables of all types, lengths and sizes to meet your specifications. Whether you need a Push-Pull, Brake, Clutch, Shifter, Throttle, Control Head, Remote Valve Cable or more, they can help. And most often with Same Day Service.

Click here to take a look inside a typical Cablecraft Assembler location

This is what a typical Cablecraft Assembler location looks like. Do you also know what your cable is attaching to? Assemblers also offer a variety hand levers, foot pedals, clevises and other hardware end fittings. If you have a cable need for one piece or 100, need to get a piece of equipment back up and running or working on a new project.

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If you have trouble finding a location near you or have questions please call us within North America at 1-803-655-7300 ext. 4 (then press 2 for CAI Sales) or outside of the U.S. at +44 1323 841510.

We can also always be reached via email @

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