High Temperature Rod Ends and Linkages from Cablecraft Motion Controls

High-Temp Rod Ends & Linkages

Cablecraft HOT-Race High-Temperature Rod Ends & Linkages

New HOT-RaceTM High Temperature Rod Ends and Linkages are now available from Cablecraft Motion Controls. HP Series rod-ends are designed to operate in high cycle, low to moderate load applications, demanding superior thermal stability, at high operating temperatures, and resistance to harsh environments.

Capable of withstanding temperatures from 450° F to 650° F, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for heat shielding. In commercial/passenger vehicle turbocharger applications, Exhaust Gas Recovery Systems (EGRS), and other temperature elevated applications; overall system costs can often be significantly reduced.

The assemblies are suited for applications requiring low friction, low moisture absorption and extended wear. The design is also chemical resistant and survives in high vibration environments.

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