Cablecraft COM-P and J/JM Series self lubricating spherical bearings

Spherical Bearings

Cablecraft Motion Controls Spherical Bearings

We offer a complete line of spherical ball bearings. These precision molded bearings are used in racing, industrial and construction equipment, lawn & garden, agricultural equipment, and more. Our J/JM series is our low carbon steel grade with an injection molded raceway. Features self-lubricating and moisture-resistance properties. Suits a wide variety of OEM and MRO applications. Available in inch and metric sizes.

Our COM-P series self-lubricating spherical bearings also feature a molded race. These Cablecraft components are a lower-cost version and shows great wear resistance. Unlike our standard spherical bearings. The COM-P housing design and be plated on all surfaces for extra corrosion resistance. Also available in metric and inch sizes.



Part Construction Materials Options Available Sizes
Housing Ball Race
COM-P Molded Race LC Steel Med Carbon Reinforced Nylon Studded .0019, .2500, .3125, .3750,

.4375, .5000, .6250, .7500

J/JM Molded Race LC Steel Low Carbon Reinforced Nylon n/a .0019, .2500, .3125, .3750, .4375, .5000,

M3, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14

Performance Comparison

Part Economy Radial Load


Operating Temp. Corrosion Resistance Vibration Resistance Wear Resistance Lubrication Break-away Torque Ball Clearance (Play)