Manual Trans. Assemblies

Manual Transmission Assemblies

The Manual Transmission Shifter (MTS) system is an easier-to-operate and maintenance-free approach to remote manual transmission shifting. This system is based on the performance of Cablecraft® low friction control cables and makes remote shifting easier for the operator, while simplifying assembly for the commercial vehicle builder.

The MTS is ideal for cab-over-engine and rear engine buses, but can be used in other applications like off-highway/heavy equipment (tractors, loaders, agricultural sprayers, telehandlers) and in specialty vehicles such as mobile cranes, fire trucks, garbage trucks, oil field equipment, mining equipment and concrete pumpers.



Series 918 Series 923 Series 925 Series
General Specifications
Style Vertical Horizontal Horizontal
Mount Dash / Console Floor Console
Configuration RH RH / LH RH / LH
Drive Small Commercial Vehicle Truck / Bus Truck / Bus
Housing Die Cast AL Die Cast AL Die Cast AL
Yoke Die Cast AL IC Steel IC Steel
Other Spefications
Typical Handle Length 6.25″ – 8.25″ 24″ – 30″ 12″ – 15″
Variable Ratio 4:1 to 5:1 4:1 to 5:1
Select Movement 20° 15° 15°
Shift Movement 30° 30° 30°
Normal Working Load 6.6 – 11 lbs. 6.6 – 11 lbs. 6.6 – 11 lbs.
Accidental Overload 220 lbs. 220 lbs. 220 lbs.
Operating Temperatures -40°F/+248°F -40°F/+248°F -40°F/+248°F
Weight 2.4 lbs. 7.0 lbs. 6.6 lbs.
Full Sealed Unit Opt Opt Opt
Gaiter Opt Opt Opt
Differential End Fitting Opt Opt Opt
Bias Spring Opt Opt
Adjustable Bias Spring Position Adj Adj