As a leading designer and manufacturer of motion transfer components we provide linkages including rod ends, ball joints, custom linkages, and complete motion transfer assemblies and sub-assemblies to fit your Industrial, Commercial, Aerospace, & Defense, Lawn & Garden, or Construction & Agriculture application requirements.
Cablecraft linkages ball joints

R-G, S, SS, SC, and SR-G

Cablecraft linkages rod ends

DBM & DBF, EM & EF, EM-M & EF-M, EM-T & EF-T, MJ-M & FJ-M, SPM & SPF, and SSPM & SSPF

Cablecraft Spherical Bearings

COM-P, and J/JM

Cablecraft Swivels


Cablecraft linkage assemblies

Wide variety of finished motion transfer assemblies manufactured to specifications and requirements