Cablecraft is a leading designer and manufacturer of motion transfer components. So, we provide linkages and linkage assemblies including rod ends, ball joints and custom linkages. We also offer complete motion transfer assemblies and sub-assemblies to fit your application. Industries served include Industrial, commercial, aerospace & defense, lawn & garden, and construction & agriculture, among others.
Cablecraft HOT-Race rod ends

HOT-Race™ High Temperature Rod Ends and Linkages from Cablecraft are capable of withstanding temperatures from 450°F to 650°F. See the success story.

Cablecraft linkages ball joints

Cablecraft ball joints are suited for a variety of applications. Features a pre-lubricated socket, which prolongs life and assures smooth, reliable operation.

Cablecraft linkages rod ends

Stainless steel and low carbon rod ends suitable for industrial, commercial, aerospace, defense, lawn & garden, construction & agriculture applications.

Cablecraft Spherical Bearings

Cablecraft offers a complete line of spherical bearings for use in racing, industrial and construction equipment, lawn & garden, agricultural equipment, and more.

Cablecraft Swivels

Cablecraft DC/DH Control Swivels are intended for low load applications and offer in-line misalignments primarily suited for push applications.

Cablecraft linkage assemblies

Cablecraft offers a wide variety of finished motion transfer assemblies supplied as one unit and manufactured to your specifications and requirements.